4 Negotiating Tactics To Lower The Price Of A Home

4 Negotiating Tactics To Lower The Price Of A HomeHomebuyers are always looking to get the most house for their money. However, emotional attachment to a particular property gets in the way of obtaining the best purchase price. When this happens, they do not always negotiate in their own favor. Here are four things every homebuyer should keep in mind when negotiating the price of their next home. These are tried and true tactics that will help get the lowest purchase price possible for the property.  Looking for more negotiation help?  We recommend the book “Getting to Yes: Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In” by  Roger Fisher and William Ury.  You can download it for free using an audible promotional code.  Let’s get into the article! Continue reading

What To Look For In A Home Walkthrough

What To Look For In A Home WalkthroughAfter days of painstaking searches, you seem to have found a perfect home to buy, the seller has accepted your offer and the bank too has approved your loan. It surely is an exciting time or is it? However, prior to signing the closing documents, there is an important thing that you need to do. That is the final walkthrough and it needs to be done 48 hours before closing. The walkthrough helps to ensure that you not only buy a home that is in good condition but also that you get what you bargained for. So what do you need to look for during the walkthrough? Continue reading

How to Find Homes Available on the Market

How to Find Homes Available on the Market With the real estate market slowly getting back on its feet, real estate listings are now becoming a hot search topic on the Internet. People now look online if they are looking for properties to rent, buy or sell, and there is no shortage of real estate websites that allow users to scour through thousands of listings from all over the country. Here’s a rundown of the top home search websites on the Internet. Continue reading